Frequently Asked Questions about Champs Family Automotive

Do you offer auto repair financing?
Here at Champs Family Automotive we know how important it is to have your vehicle repairs done promptly. We’ve continued to work hard to offer easy affordable financing options for our customers. We do take all major credit cards and we do offer CarCareOne financing as well. Once approved for CarCareOne our customers can do 6 months deferred interest as long as your repair is paid off within the 6 months you will pay no interest.
Do you have a towing service?
We do not have a towing service but we do have very reputable towing companies we work with who can assist our customers with their towing needs.
Do you offer a loaner vehicle?
We do not offer a loaner vehicle, we are more than happy to shuttle customers back to their work or home when they are dropping off their vehicle for repairs. Our shuttle service is free of charge and is offered as a courtesy to our customers.
Do you offer a shuttle?
We do offer shuttle services to our customers if it is needed. When our customers drop off their vehicle for repairs we are happy to take them back to their home or office free of charge.
Is an auto repair business considering an essential business?
In light of the state of the world today Automotive repair is considered an Essential Business. We work hard every day to keep you and your family’s vehicles running it tip top shape!
Do you offer drop off or extended hours?
We encourage our customers to drop their vehicle off with us for repairs that way they can go about their day and we can take the time we need to properly evaluate the vehicle and the customers concerns. We have a early bird drop box in front of both our shops so customers can drop off their vehicles after hours. Once a repair is completed and paid for we can arrange after hours pick up of the vehicle with the customer, that is usually arranged between our Service Advisor and the customer at the time of payment for repairs.
Do you do auto body repairs?
We do not do auto body repairs but we are more than happy to highly recommend a few great auto body shops we work with should you need auto body repairs done.
Do you offer tire services?
We do not do much for tire services. We are happy to rotate them, and check tire pressure if need be but for most tire repairs and replacements we refer to local tire shops we do business with.
Do you use OEM parts or aftermarket parts?
We can offer OEM or aftermarket parts. Sometimes depending on the repair we are able to offer options for both OEM and aftermarket. If this case there is usually a price difference but we always do our best to offer options when and where we can. We will only install and recommend quality parts we can stand behind and that we know the manufacturers will stand behind.
Do you fix European vehicles like Jaguars, Land Rover, Mercedes, and Volvo’s?
Yes, we work on all makes and models. our Factory trained technicians are always doing continuing education to further enhance their knowledge of new technologies on all vehicles. Our highly trained Technicians are skilled in all facets of domestic, import, gas, diesel and RV vehicles.
Do you offer vehicle inspections?
We always encourage people to get vehicle inspections especially when you’re buying a new to you vehicle. We have come across many times where vehicles were repaired but the wrong parts were used, part were put in wrong or there’s major repairs that need to be done that the buyer was not made aware of. We are here to help you make a sound decision on the purchase of your next vehicle or look over one you might of had for years just to give you piece of mind that it is still a reliable and safe vehicle for you and your loved ones.
Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

We have always offered a 10% discount to those who serve in our armed forces.