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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ


The History of DEF

Before 1970, vehicles had limited emissions control devices. Major cities suffered severe smog issues as a result, and asthma and allergy symptoms skyrocketed. In the wake of the Clean Air Act of 1970, automotive manufacturers began to implement and research new emissions control device on vehicles to help our environment. Over the years many advancements have been made to help reduce the amount of harmful pollutants released into the air. It wasn’t until about 2010 that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started to require DEF to be used on Diesel vehicles. DEF is designed to reduce the harmful elements of diesel Exhaust, Nitrogen oxides (NOx), and transform NOx into harmless gases, Nitrogen, water and CO2. NOx is a green house gas that among other things can damage our ozone layer and vegetation. When DEF was implemented by the EPA, the measure was controversial and inflamed diesel-lovers. But the automobile industry adapted, and so did consumers. Champ’s Family Automotive wants you to understand why DEF is a good thing and how we can help you keep your fluid at the right level.

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What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)?

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is a mixture of deionized water (67.5 percent) and urea (32.5 percent). The DEF is placed in a holding tank in your vehicle and then the DEF is injected into the Selective Catalytic reduction (SRC catalyst) a chemical reaction takes place that reduces the amount of NOx. On Ford and Dodge vehicles the DEF tank is next to their Fuel tank, on GM vehicles the DEF tank is under the hood on the passenger side. The DEF fill tank is usually a different color and or is clearly identified as DEF. NEVER EVER put DEF in your fuel tank, if you do, DO NOT start your vehicle under any circumstances. DEF is an EXTREMELY corrosive fluid and when it’s added to the fuel tank it will do an extreme amount of damage to all metal components inside your fuel system.

How Does Diesel Exhaust Fluid Work?

DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream by a specialized injector controlled by the computer. DEF is sprayed into the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The SCR uses a catalyst system to deliver a constant feed of ammonia gas in the form of DEF. The ammonia breaks down the emissions and turns it into nitrogen, water and CO2.

Where Can I Get DEF?

Most diesel-powered vehicles built after 2010 are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and DEF. Diesel car and truck owners won’t lack for options when locating diesel exhaust fluid. Most fueling stations and automotive parts stores keep it in stock, and truck stops usually have a DEF pump on the fuel island. Original equipment manufacturers also produce the chemical. Fleet owners can obtain DEF in bulk from an array of suppliers. We encourage those who need to use DEF to purchase DEF at a facility like an auto parts store or truck stop that is moving the DEF products consistently. The team at Champs Family Automotive can always help advise you where and what brands of DEF would work best for you.

What Happens When You Run Out of DEF?

Most diesel-powered models manufactured post-2010 contain built-in safeguards to ensure drivers use DEF. For instance, your vehicle has a system of lights and indicators that alert you when the DEF tank is getting low. But they also have a feature that slows down a vehicle when the reservoir isn’t replenished. If you’re getting low, you won’t be able to maintain highway speeds. If the reservoir runs completely dry, many models will shut down completely. If you do have this unfortunate circumstance happen to you Champs Family Automotive can help you get back on the road safely . To avoid being stranded, Champ’s Family Automotive recommends keeping an extra jug of DEF in your vehicle.

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How Much DEF Do I Need to Use?

Your DEF consumption is going to depend on a variety of factors, including the environment you drive in, how you operate your vehicle and the duty cycle of the equipment. While it varies, DEF consumption averages around three to five percent total fuel consumption levels. Champ’s Family Automotive recommends carrying a spare bottle of DEF just to be safe.

Champs Family Automotive is here for your Diesel repair and maintenance needs.

Champ’s Family Automotive is a full-service automotive repair shop specializing in diesel-powered vehicles. We can solve problems related to diesel exhaust fluid ,Selective Catalytic Reduction, as well as challenges posed by exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems, diesel particulate filter (DPF). Champs Family Automotive can repair engines and other components in your car, truck, SUV, RV, or fleet vehicle. To learn more about what we can offer you or about our auto repair shops in Surprise & Goodyear Az, give us a call or bring your vehicle in to see us.