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High Quality Emissions System Repair Near Me in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ?


We all want to do our part to protect the environment, and one important aspect is the emissions we put out into the world. Our vehicles can be a significant source of emissions if not kept in check, and so if your car is not passing emissions, finding quality automotive emission repair is of crucial importance. Champs Family Automotive is your emissions repair certified mechanic offering service across Surprise and Goodyear, AZ. Emissions testing is required in most Arizona major metropolitan areas for most vehicles over 5 years old, so if your vehicle is failing the test, we are your emissions repair shop of choice.

Emissions Mechanic

What Will an Emissions Mechanic Near Me Do?

Failing an emissions check can be stressful, but with the team at Champs Family Automotive, you can have your vehicle’s emissions be brought back into specifications quickly and efficiently. No matter what make, model, or year your vehicle is, our team works fast to ensure that you can get back out on the road as quickly as possible. Bring in your State preformed failed emissions test and experience our repair services that accurately pinpoint the source of your issue in order to ensure comprehensive repairs that won’t break the bank.

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Improving air quality is important in the ongoing health of our community. Emission repair performed by a certified emissions facility such as Champs Family Automotive in Surprise and Goodyear, AZ is an easy and efficient way to ensure the health of your vehicle. Contact us at (623) 376-6791 or (623) 882-8200 for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Emissions Related Repairs?
Emissions-related repairs include anything related to a check engine light on a 1996 or newer vehicle. Anything that affects the way the vehicle runs, drivability, and misfire are all Emissions related repairs.
What Is The Purpose Of Emissions Testing?
The purpose of Emissions testing is to make sure your vehicle is following the Federal Clean Air Act. Emissions testing measures the number of pollutants your vehicle gives off. If you take your vehicle to Emission and you fail, or your check engine light is on in most cases you will need an Emissions-related repair. After the repair is performed at a reputable automotive or diesel repair shop keep in mind your vehicle will usually run better and get better gas or fuel mileage.
What Happens If My Car Fails An Emissions Test?
If your vehicle fails an Emissions test, you will be given a form that states why you failed the test. At your earliest convenience please call either Champs Family Automotive Goodyear 623-882-8200 or Surprise 623-376-6791 to schedule an inspection for your vehicle. When you call for your appointment advise them you failed your Emissions and bring any paperwork with you for your appointment from the inspection station. Remember if you are given the opportunity to get a waiver for your vehicle on your Emissions test this will usually only be given once during the life of the vehicle and will not last long. A waiver should not be considered a viable option to avoid Emissions Testing.
How Can I Avoid Emission Problems?

You can avoid Emissions problems by keeping up with all the maintenance required for your vehicle. Prior to going to the Emissions Station, you can call either Champs Family Automotive Goodyear 623-882-8200 or Surprise 623-376-6791 and schedule a vehicle inspection and advise your Service Writer of the reason for your vehicle inspection request. This inspection can give you peace of mind prior to having your Emissions test done. If you are not experiencing any vehicle problems and you do not actively have a check engine light on, we encourage you to go through Emissions and if you fail, please call us and we’ll help diagnose and repair the Emissions problem.

Can I Drive With Emission Problem?
Yes, but continuing to drive your vehicle that has Emissions problems could cause the problem to continue to deteriorate quickly and cause damage to other components ultimately leading to more expensive repairs. It is always best if you see, feel, or hear a problem do your very best to call Champs Family Automotive to schedule your vehicle to be inspected for your concerns. Continuing to drive your vehicle could cause more damage.
How Much Does It Cost To Fix Emissions?
This all depends on what is causing the failure in your vehicle. It could be something as simple as replacing the gas cap on your vehicle or it could be sensors, transmission, engine problems. We must diagnose your vehicle before we can give you a cost as to the expense for your vehicle.