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Your Full-Service Auto Repair Shop in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ

Auto, Diesel, Fleet and RV Repair Services

Champs Family Automotive in Surprise and Goodyear, AZ, offers one-stop auto repair and maintenance for every type of vehicle (gas or diesel) including cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, buses, and RVs. Whether you own one car for personal use or a fleet of company vehicles, we can help you maintain a manufacturer-recommended repair and inspection schedule to ensure high performance and keep avoidable expenses and repairs to a minimum.

Full-Service Auto Repair

Handling repairs hassle-free

If you do experience an unexpected breakdown, our family-owned company is available to offer towing services and after-hours drop-off to get your car safely into the hands of our ASE-certified technicians. We provide complete diagnostics on all light-duty and most medium-duty gas and diesel trucks, including Allison Transmission, Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo, Mercedes, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, international brands, and more. Our highly trained technicians have the abilities and the tools to diagnose your vehicle’s issues properly and efficiently, which could save you thousands on your repair.

Even if you visit us just for a tune-up, oil change, AC charging, or routine alignment, you’ll still experience our commitment to integrity and excellence in our work and in our interactions with you. From a quick question to a complete engine overhaul, Champs Family Automotive can do it all.

Customer service is our priority

We’re proud of our priority on customer service. That’s the reason we opened another location for convenient access, as well offering towing assistance to stranded drivers, after-hours and evening vehicle pick-ups or drop-offs, and even a courtesy shuttle service for customers during business hours. We’ll make sure you get to work, get home, and ultimately, get back out on the road safely.

When you contact our team, please ask about the Champs Family Automotive convenient financing plans, and of course, any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle.


Automotive Repair Services in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ

Repair and Maintenance Services

Champs Family Automotive offers one-stop repair and maintenance for every type of vehicle (gas or diesel) including Cars, SUV’s, Trucks and Vans. Proper vehicle maintenance schedules can be maintained for your vehicles to ensure high performance and keep costly repairs to a minimum. Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle.

All Services Provided:

What You Can Expect from Champs Family Automotive

  • Oil & Filter
  • 22 Point Visual Inspection
  • Check & Top Off All Fluids
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Lube Chassis
  • ABS diagnosis and repair
  • Trailer Brakes
  • Parking Brakes
  • Air Brakes
  • AC Oil if Needed
  • Check for Leaks
  • Check Electrical System
  • Check Cooling Fans
  • R12 or 1234YF
  • RV alignments
  • Lifted and lowered vehicle alignments
  • Most makes and models cars, truck, & SUV’s
  • 2 and 4 wheel

Specialty vehicle repairs

Champs Family Automotive is unique for some of the additional capabilities we have to truly make each of our auto repair locations a one-stop shop. For larger vehicles, we have heavy-duty, 18,000- to 40,000-pound alignment racks. If heavy repairs are needed, we have qualified welders and equipment on-site to get to your work right away.

For technical difficulties, our team has full OEM software to safely check codes, update, or flash electronic control units (ECUs) in today’s modern cars and trucks. We also use digital methods to analyze emissions problems—in fact, we’re one of the few places around with a gas analyzer qualified to do so.

Champs Family Automotive has also moved to a paperless platform! All of our highly trained technicians and service advisors use tablets to document all work performed. We can now instantly share photos of repairs, leaks etc. as well as inspection forms. We are now able to communicate directly with our customers via text message and email.

We have also instituted a new online portal for our valued clients to login and view all their repairs done with us directly.

We continue to work hard and provide state of the art workmanship and easy access for our customers to review their view their vehicle information.

Champs provides maintenance services to help avoid future costly repairs on:

Call and ask about:

  • After hours or evening vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Towing assistance available
  • Courtesy shuttle service for customers during business hours
  • Nationwide Warranty

Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should you just buy a new vehicle versus fix it?
There is a lot to consider when deciding if you should buy a new vehicle or repair your older one. Always remember regardless if you have a new vehicle or old vehicle you’ll still have maintenance that needs to be done and things can still break on your newer vehicle. This is a decision that is best made after looking at all the factors involved: age of your current vehicle, how much do you invest in repairs each month, insurance costs, how much is a payment going to cost, reliability of vehicle and so many other things should be evaluated when deciding what to do with your current vehicle.
When should you get a second opinion on a vehicle repair?
You should always go to a reputable repair facility for all your vehicle repairs. A parts store is not considered a repair facility, they can only give you what people usually buy from them for certain problems. Keep in mind, they can’t tell you if it will fix your problem or not. You should always go with your gut and ask several questions about the recommended repair, if you don’t feel comfortable with the explanations your given we recommend getting a second opinion. Any well rounded and experienced Mechanic should be able to fully explain why a repair is recommended and show you what and why a repair is recommended.
What is an ASE certification?
ASE certifications are certifications that are issued to Mechanics from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. These certifications are given to mechanics who have completed automotive repair training and pass tests associated with their training to verify they know how to work on specific systems.
Do you fix car interiors?
We do not repair interiors of vehicle but we are happy to help refer a few reputable business in the area that will take great care of your vehicle.
What equipment do you use to properly diagnose a repair?
In order to properly diagnose a repair it’s important to remember there’s no one piece of equipment that will give you the answer to what needs to be replaced. Scanners and lab scopes and other tools are there to help test parts on your vehicle not necessarily tell you what part needs to be replaced. This is why it’s so important to have your vehicle diagnosed by a professional and certified technician. Our Technicians are trained to trouble shoot the problems you may be having to properly diagnose your vehicle. Equipment and tools are only useful to a trained Technician who knows how to properly use them and read them. Always remember if you have a check engine light a scanner may give you a code reading but that one code only leads you to the system that is failing. A system can have several parts, now we have to determine through further testing what part is actually causing the problem.
How long does it take for a typical auto repair?
When it comes to vehicles repairs it’s hard to give a time stamp on how long a repair may take. Every vehicle is different and it truly depends on what repairs you may need and the concerns you may have regarding your vehicle. Once your vehicle is at the shop and we can document your concerns, and look over your vehicle we will contact you and let you know how long the repairs will take and the price as well. We are adamant about our communication with our customers and we’ll always do our very best to update you about time frames as we work with you on your vehicle.