Diesel Vehicles Need Maintenance Too

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Automotive Service & Repair Blog, Vehicle Maintenance

Diesel Fuel Injection Service

There is a misconception by the general public that Diesel Vehicles do not need much maintenance compared to a Gas Vehicle. Diesel vehicles do require maintenance just not as often as a gas vehicle may. One service we educate our Diesel owners about is Diesel Fuel Injection Service. Over that last few decades the chemical composition of Diesel Fuel has been modified to adhere to EPA Regulations. The sulfur content has been drastically reduced and in turn the lubricity of Diesel fuel has decreased. This decrease in lubricity in Diesel Fuel is causing Injectors to fail prematurely by causing build up on your injectors.

Diesel Fuel Injection Service helps clean and polish your Injectors and cylinders. This service segregates your Fuel system by running the system off a canister. The canister acts as a filter. Not only does the cleaning agent used clean your injectors but polishes your injectors as well. This will help your injectors run smoothly. Once your Injectors have been cleaned with the Diesel Fuel Injection Service there are ways to help keep the soot from building back up on your injectors. We advise our clients to use Diesel Fuel Additive to help maintain the life of your Injectors.

Diesel Fuel Additive

Diesel Fuel Additive helps put the lubricity in your Fuel and helps prevent build up on your Injectors. Most Diesel owners do not only fill up when their vehicle is on empty, they let their tank get down to maybe a quarter of a tank then fuel up. For this reason we advise our customers to use the Diesel Fuel Additive every other time they fuel up. Depending on the brand of Fuel Additive you use can also affect how often you should use the additive. For more precise information on when Diesel Fuel Additive should be used please contact one of our shops Surprise 623-376-6791 or Goodyear 623-882-8200.

The Diesel Fuel Injection Service we believe should be done every 20,000 miles in conjunction with the Fuel Additive which should be used every other time you fuel up. The Fuel additive will help keep your Injectors Lubricated, and can help keep your cylinders firing properly. Using Fuel Additive should be used consistently and not only when you tow or just on random occasion. The best way for you to be able to get a quarter million miles out of your injectors is if you use Fuel Additive consistently and have the Diesel Fuel Injection service done at regularly scheduled intervals.

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