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Champs Family Automotive Maintains a Clean, Safe Shop

The technicians at Champs Family Automotive are committed to preserving a clean environment in which to perform our auto and diesel repair services in Surprise and Goodyear, AZ. Our dedication to safety and cleanliness benefits our hardworking staff and our clients. Since we opened our doors, we have maintained strict sanitation standards to help keep our employees and customers healthy. Our team is mindful of potential health scares and concerns, so we endeavor to make your visit to our shop as hygienic as possible. When you need auto, diesel, or RV repairs in the West Valley area, stop by either of our convenient locations. You will receive expert automotive service from the cleanest team in the region.

Our Safety Protocols Help Keep You Healthy

Champs Family Automotive has always endeavored to perform exceptional automotive repair services in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ. But the attention and care we provide for your cars, trucks, and SUVs are only surpassed by the attention and care we provide for you. Since we opened our doors and garage bays, we have done everything we can to keep our technicians and loyal customers healthy and safe. Our safety protocols are unrivaled in the Valley of the Sun, and yet another example of our commitment to you. Our efforts to keep you healthy at all times include:

Socially-Distant Service

When you need auto repairs, you can take advantage of our professional services without ever stepping inside our facility. You can have your car towed to either of our locations – in Surprise, AZ and Goodyear, AZ – or we can even pick it up for you. But if you want to bring it to us, you can do so without coming inside. We have a night drop box that you can use at any hour of the day. Simply leave your keys and alert us to the drop so that we may begin your car care services.

Protective Gear

For the most part, all of our services are completed under the hood of your car or under your vehicle’s body. We rarely need to get into your car, truck, or SUV. But when we do, we take several precautions. If we need to take your car for a test drive or transport it into and out of our garage, we always wear gloves to avoid transferring any germs, grease, or oil onto your steering wheel or car’s interior. Additionally, we place a floor mat beneath our feet and a cover over the driver’s seat.

Stringent Hand Washing

Our mechanics deal with car parts, oils, and tools all day long. It is necessary to keep our hands free of dirt, grime, and grease. To ensure that happens, every one of our team members washes his or her hands three to five times every hour using industrial-strength soap and cleaning agents with warm water.

We Stay Open So That You Can Stay on the Road

Our sanitation protocols and the essential nature of our services allow us to remain open even during public health scares. We maintain our regular business hours at both locations regardless of what is going on in the world. Whether you need to get to a doctor’s office, store, or your job, you need a reliable form of transportation. We are here to serve you whenever you need, offering services such as:

Auto Repair – We can handle comprehensive auto repair services for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and more.

Diesel Repair – The technicians at Champs Family Automotive can keep your diesel engine in excellent shape by providing diesel repair services.

RV Repair – If you are embarking on a cross-country trip in an RV, bring it to one of our shops in Goodyear or Surprise, AZ for a tune-up and RV repair services or generator service before hitting the road.

Contact Champs Family Automotive Today

Now more than ever before, it is crucial to take precautions regarding your health and well-being. Such health consciousness should extend beyond your home to your neighborhood partners. The team at Champs Family Automotive lives by the same standards. Since we opened, we have maintained strict safety protocols to make sure our staff and customers are healthy. We follow the same guidelines at our auto repair service locations in Goodyear, AZ and Surprise, AZ. If you need a tune-up or repairs for your car, truck, or SUV, contact us today for sanitary, efficient service.