Auto Tune-Ups: The Checklist for Keeping Your Car in Top Condition

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Vehicle Maintenance

An auto tune-up is a recommended service for your vehicle on a consistent basis. How often you have a tune-up done is dependent on the recommendations made by the manufacturer – which you can find listed in your owner’s manual. Your technician can help to answer any questions you have with a car tune-up checklist.

What Does a Tune Up Consistent Of?

A tune-up is often an inspection of many of the functional components of your vehicle. It involves changing out gaskets and wiring as needed and provides for a full inspection by a trained technician. What are the signs that your car needs a tune-up? Generally, this happens about once every 50,000 miles or more often, depending on the recommendations by your manufacturer. It is a type of preventative maintenance rather than repair.

How Long Does a Tune-Up Take?

Most of the time, you can have this type of work done within a few hours, though scheduling an appointment in advance is always wise. Once you learn how often should you get a tune-up, set up a consistent schedule to have the work done with your mechanic.

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