Transmission, Differential, & Clutch Repair in Surprise & Goodyear AZ


Your vehicles Transmission is a key component to the health and drivability of your vehicle. A vehicles Transmission is considered part of your Emissions system. Let’s say your torque converter clutch isn’t working your engine RPM’s will be too high and you’ll burn to much fuel. This will have an effect on the emissions your vehicle is putting out. It’s important for your transmission to work properly so you can get the correct estimated mileage per gallon and correct emissions out of the vehicle. If you have problems with your Transmission you may not pass an emissions test.

Almost every transmission out there is shifted electronically this is important because keeping the fluid from breaking down in the transmission can help protect the electronics. If you have broken down, grimy bad fluid, it is not good for the internal wiring harness or electronics in your transmission.

If you notice a leak, we recommend contacting and scheduling your vehicle to be checked over and determine where the leak is coming from. A lot of transmissions don’t have dip sticks anymore so they’re not easy to check at home. Not only that but in some vehicles the ATF, Power Steering Fluid and coolant are all red in color so the color of the fluid may mislead you about what is actually leaking.

Just like your engine and air conditioner, your transmission should always be serviced be by a trained Technician who knows the ins and outs of your vehicle and how to perform the services correctly. Our recommendation is to have your transmission fluid exchanged, not serviced, at least every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Another common issue that we see is transmissions overheating here in Arizona. On most vehicles the coolant in your cooling system is what takes the heat out of your transmission fluid in the transmission cooler. If you have a problem with your coolant it can in-turn cause your transmission to overheat.

If you begin to experience any of the following problems we recommend calling and scheduling your appointment at one of our Champs Family Automotive locations in Surprise & Goodyear AZ

Here are signs that you have a transmission, Differential, and/or clutch issue:

  • Shifting hard
  • Check Engine Light
  • Knocking or clunking noise
  • Overheating
  • Coolant leak
  • Slipping
We always recommend if you feel, hear or notice something wrong with your vehicle always do your best to schedule an appointment with Champs Family Automotive as soon as possible. In order to get the longest life out of your transmission we recommend staying on top of your Preventative Maintenance. Most transmissions require regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance which help reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failures and costly replacement or repairs having to be done. At Champs Family Automotive we are here to help you with all your vehicle repair needs including, Transmission, Differential and Clutch repairs and or replacement. We are advocates for preventative maintenance but if you do need a new or rebuilt transmission our factory trained technicians are happy to take care of all your repair or replacement needs. We are your local, family owned, one stop Automotive and Diesel repair shop.
Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission Fluid Exchange or Transmission Flush

Transmission Flush is a more commonly used term mechanics have used over the years to describe a Transmission Fluid Exchange. When in actuality we do not “Flush” anything we actually hook our Transmission Exchange machine up to your vehicle and cycle out the old Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) and cycle in new ATF. The term Transmission Flush has gotten a bad connotation associated with it because people were having a “flush” done thinking it would fix an actual transmission problem and then shortly after having a “Flush” done their transmission would present a bigger problem. When in actuality there was most likely a problem with the transmission before the “flush” was done the customer just didn’t notice the problem yet. We use the term Transmission Fluid Exchange because all we do is literally exchange old ATF for new ATF.

Transmission Fluid Exchange Process

A Transmission Flush consists of:
  1. Our trained Technician will hook your vehicle up to our Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine
  2. The Fluid Exchange machine does not produce any pressure and it’s not introducing any harmful detergents or anything harmful to your system. While the vehicle is running and the transmission is moving fluid the Fluid Exchange machine acts as a transfer pump, collecting the old ATF and putting in the exact same amount of fresh ATF under the exact same pressure.
  3. During this process our Technician evaluates the Flow and Pressure to verify it meets required specifications for your vehicle. If Flow and Pressure are not within required specifications it is a good indication to us there may be internal problems.
  4. We use factory required/recommended ATF or better for your vehicle. We will NEVER use poor quality ATF on any vehicle, we take great pride in our work and we go the extra mile to look into what ATF is appropriate for your vehicle.
A Transmission Fluid Exchange is similar to getting a glass of milk, dumping out the milk and then filling the glass with water. Your glass of water will be cloudy from the left-over milk residue on the glass correct? Now let’s go back to your vehicle, your vehicle is the glass and the old ATF is the milk your new ATF is the water. Over time the new/clean ATF will eventually clean the old ATF and residue off the glass, but it will take time and depending on how much residue was left on the glass the clean ATF may get dirty quickly so might need to be exchanged sooner rather than later.

A Transmission Fluid Exchange replaces 90-95% if not more of the ATF in your Transmission.

Transmission Service

A Transmission Service is much different than a Transmission Flush, it honestly just depends on what you’re looking for and why your having the requested procedure done. Normally a Transmission Service consists of:

  1. Dropping the Transmission Pan
  2. Replace the filter
  3. Replacing the gasket if needed
  4. Filling up transmission with proper amount of ATF
A Transmission Service only drains and replaces about a third to half of the ATF in your vehicle. On average most vehicles hold anywhere between 10-12 quarts, some more, some less, of ATF inside the Transmission.

If you only have a Transmission Service done, you’re replacing less than 50% of the dirty fluid in your vehicle. Which means your Transmission fluid is not clean basically all you’ve done is added a small amount of fresh clean ATF into your vehicle.

A Transmission Service may still be recommended on occasion if you are vigilant with your maintenance, and if your filter, fluid and pan all look good and within clean guidelines. Our trained technicians will evaluate your vehicle and only recommend what is best for your vehicle.


Champs Family Automotive Recommends

We highly recommend a Transmission Fluid Exchange instead of a Transmission Service. The Fluid Exchange will remove 90%-95%, if not more, of the ATF in your vehicle’s transmission. The clean ATF will help in lubrication and help keep your transission working properly.

We ALWAYS recommend staying on top of your Preventative maintenance which includes having your Transmission Fluid Exchange done every 30,000-60,000 miles. Please keep in mind there are key factors that can drastically reduce this time frame. For instance, if you are towing or hauling around heavy weight. Mileage and maintenance schedules are guidelines on when you should have maintenance done. Every time you bring your vehicle in for services fluids should always be checked just to evaluate the quality and condition of your vehicle. If you end up low on ATF for instance you could have a leak which could cause major problems in the future if you are not aware of the situation.

Never wait till your transmission fluid looks dirty if you do now that dirty fluid has traveled through your system for a long time and has coated your internal workings of your Transmission with all that grit and grime. When you do finally have a Transmission Fluid Exchange done and we put new transmission fluid in your vehicle that transmission fluid will travel through your system and clean your parts yes but that transmission fluid will probably have to be Exchanged again because now it has picked up all the grime left in your system from the past ATF. Refer back to the Glass of Milk scenario under Fluid exchange. We recommend having your Preventative Maintenance done ahead of schedule and not wait till you see, hear or feel symptoms that there’s a problem. Preventative Maintenance is designed to prevent problems, not fix problems that are already there.

Why you should choose Champs Family Automotive for your Transmission maintenance, repairs/replacement

  1. Champs family Automotive uses factory required/recommended ATF or better for your vehicle
  2. Trans axles are typically serviced the same way as a regular transmission but some trans axles require you to service the differential gear fluid portion separately. Our trained and experienced Technicians at Champs Family Automotive will be able to repair your vehicle accurately and efficiently.
  3. There are also some vehicles that have External Filters for their Transmission. A lot of shops do not know to check for this additional filter or where it is under the vehicle. If this filter becomes clogged your vehicle will actually bypass your external filter and go directly to your filter in your transmission. While yes you do have a separate filter in your transmission it’s best to keep all your filters clean, all this can do is help

Manual Transmissions

Though you’re shifting manual transmissions yourself and operate the clutch yourself you still need to maintain your fluid and have your seals and CV axels check. If you do end up with a clutch issue most clutches are hydraulic, and you could have a hydraulic fluid leak and the fluid might need to be changed. Manual transmission also require maintenance which is usually based off an inspection and manufacturer recommendations. The way you use your vehicle can drastically effect when your Transmission Fluid needs to be changed.


Champs Family Automotive is your one-stop repair shop for all makes and models. We are able to service all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and front wheel drive vehicles or Differential. Differential also require regularly scheduled maintenance which we are happy to take care of for you. Differential are typically serviced the same way as a regular transmission but some Differential that require you to change the fluid in the gears as well. Our trained and experienced Technicians at Champs Family Automotive will be able maintenance your vehicle accurately and efficiently.


Clutch Repair Services from Qualified Professionals in Surprise & Goodyear AZ

Champs Family Automotive is proud to call itself the clutch repair shop in Surprise and Goodyear, AZ you’ve been looking for. We understand that when your clutch is going out, it’s a stressful vehicle situation. Any time your vehicle fails to shift smoothly, you’re no doubt reminded of the high costs and major work associated with transmission failure. The best way to avoid that fate is to call Champs Family Automotive right away for a vehicle evaluation. They have the skills and expertise to provide you with a proper diagnosis, a fair estimate for your repair, and state of the art repairs including transmission and clutch repairs.

So if you’re out there Googling “clutch installation near me” in Goodyear, AZ and “clutch repair near me” in Surprise, AZ, look no further: Champs Family Automotive has the qualified and experienced professionals you need to keep your vehicle running smooth.

The Specialists You Need, The Expertise Your Demand

At Champs Family Automotive, we ensure that all our service technicians undergo continuing education to make sure they’re fully equipped to work on all the latest technology used by today’s vehicles, as well as any make or model you bring to us.

With more than 15 years of serving the Surprise and Goodyear, AZ area, Champs Family Automotive prides itself on our reputation as fair and honest. We’ve won awards for ethical business practices, and we assure you that when you trust us with your clutch repair job, you’ll pay a fair price for a quality clutch repair. So, if you’re looking to have highly skilled work done at a fair and straightforward price, don’t hesitate to reach out today! Give us a call today for Surprise at 623.376.6791 and for Goodyear at 623.882.8200.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Check The Transmission Fluid?
Transmission fluid should be checked for correct level and fluid condition every time the oil is changed. Outside of regularly scheduled oil changes, you should also check your fluid if you notice a leak or feel you might have a transmission problem.
How Do I Check The Transmission Fluid?
A lot of Transmissions don’t have dipsticks anymore so they’re not easy to check at home. Not only that but in some vehicles, the ATF, Power Steering, and coolant are all red in color so the color of the fluid may mislead you about what is leaking. It is best to have your Trained Automotive Technician who knows the ins and outs of your vehicle check the fluid and perform your fluid exchange if necessary.
How Much Does It Cost To Repair Or Inspect My Transmission?
There is no one set price when it comes to repairs on your transmission. It depends greatly on several factors including the year, make,s and model of your vehicle, do you need a fluid exchange, a new Transmission or do we need to rebuild your transmission? If you believe you have a problem with your transmission, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your local Trained Automotive Technician to determine if and what is wrong with your vehicle.
How Long Does It Take To Repair/Service My Transmission?
Again, this greatly depends on what is being done to your vehicle, a new transmission, rebuilt transmission, transmission fluid exchange, there are a lot of factors that come into play regarding how long it takes to take care of your specific vehicle. A fluid exchange might take 1-2 hours, but a transmission repair or replacement can take longer. Our highly skilled and trained staff will always advise you of how long your repair will take.
How Do I Know If I Have A Transmission Problem?
Some signs your transmission, transaxle, and or clutch is having an issue could be: Shifting hard, Check Engine Light, Knocking or clunking noise, overheating, coolant leak, slipping. These are only some of the warning signs there may be other warning signs as well. We always advise our customers if you feel, hear, or notice something wrong with their vehicle always do your best to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience for a vehicle inspection.
Should I Repair Or Replace The Transmission?
This depends on the severity of the problem with your transmission, every vehicle is different. At Champs Family Automotive we always do our best to do what is right for our customers so they can get the full life out of their vehicles.