Diesel Vehicles Need Maintenance Too

There is a misconception by the general public that Diesel Vehicles do not need much maintenance compared to a Gas Vehicle. Diesel vehicles do require maintenance just not as often as a gas vehicle may. One service we educate our Diesel owners about is Diesel Fuel Injection Service.

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Welcome Global Auto Repair Customers

Recently, Global Auto Repair, has relocated it’s auto repair shop from Goodyear to Tolleson, roughly 8-10 miles away from it’s long time location in Goodyear Arizona.

When a shop that’s been around as long as they have, decides to move it’s location, we get why some

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Vehicle Air Induction Cleaning

When we think about vehicle maintenance what comes to mind? Oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, tune –up? While yes these are all necessary to keeping costly repairs to a minimum there are several other that people are not aware of or don’t

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Maintenance Tips from Your Mechanic

Things You “Auto” Know,

In the automotive repair world we are asked many questions about general maintenance. When should my tires be rotated and why? We agree that it is always good to be in the know about your vehicle and what you can do

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