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Providing Car AC Repair in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ

Auto, Diesel, Fleet and RV Repair Services

With convenient locations in Surprise, AZ and Goodyear, AZ, Champs Family Automotive is your neighborhood mechanic  Automotive and Diesel Repair shop. We provide services such as oil changes, RV repairs, transmission repairs, and routine car maintenance on your Gas and Diesel vehicles. We are also proud to offer air conditioner charging services using the new R-1234yf technology. When comfort eludes you because of the sweltering heat in the Valley of the Sun, be confident that your car will provide relief. Bring your vehicle to either of our auto repair shops for AC charging that will help you beat the heat.

Significance of Air Conditioning Refrigerant R-1234yf

Air conditioning in your vehicle provides a reprieve from the blistering Arizona summer. It can help keep your body temperature at a reasonable level, reduce your risk of dehydration, and improve your clarity behind the wheel. Maintaining a comfortable environment as you traverse the roads in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ can help keep you and others safe. Therefore, it is essential that your AC is fully charged and working correctly. The latest automotive refrigerant on the market is R-1234yf. It is already overwhelmingly used by most American car manufacturers, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stipulated all new vehicles will have to use it by 2021. Independent studies found that R-1234yf has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than its predecessor, R-134a.

Our Automotive Repair Shop Handles R-1234yf AC Charging

Because of our commitment to being one of the area’s leading car service facilities, Champs Family Automotive has added an AC charging machine capable of handling R-1234yf. The refrigerant is typically only available at dealerships, but we are proud to offer it to our loyal customers in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ. Despite the system’s recent introduction to our auto shop, our ASE Master Certified Technicians are skilled in using it to boost your car’s cooling ability. This refrigerant exceeds the efficiency of earlier refrigerants and has a low leak potential, meaning you should not have to service it frequently. But when you do, visit it us for a quick tune-up in a friendly atmosphere.

Advantages of Visiting Us for AC Charging

Our recovery/recycle/recharge (RRR) machine is equipped with hoses that only connect to automobiles that use R-1234yf. The highly-automated system will enhance your vehicle’s cooling ability while also safeguarding your car from contaminants. Among the machine’s significant features are:

  • It will recover 95% of the refrigerant in your system
  • It will recharge your system to within half-an-ounce of its specification
  • It will not recover any contaminated refrigerant
  • It will not recharge your system if it detects a leak
  • It includes ventilation fans and non-sparking motors, switches, and relays

Visit Champs Family Automotive to Recharge Your AC Today

When your car no longer cools as efficiently as it once did and the beads of sweat begin to cascade down your face and neck, it is time to visit Champs Family Automotive for AC charging services. We can service your vehicle whether it is new or used, big or small. While you are here, we can even perform routine car maintenance or more complicated repairs. Our certified technicians can help diagnose any issues and have your car on the road again in no time. But during the summer, let us ensure your air conditioner is running as efficiently and cleanly as possible. We are a family owned business and we’re  happy to be able to save you a trip to the dealership by keeping an AC charging machine that handles R-1234yf in house. Call or swing by our locations in Goodyear, AZ or Surprise, AZ to charge your car’s air conditioner today. We cannot wait to see you.